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      Addie's Corner — Winter Fashion

      Winter 2021 Trends We're Going See Continue In Spring 2022

      Winter 2021 Trends We're Going See Continue In Spring 2022

      When it comes to trends, they come and go. Some always come back, and others stay away forever, thankfully. There were many trends staple this past winter and fall. A lot because of obvious weather changes are going, but a few are staying and will possibly have a twist to the. Continue reading to see some trends that will repeat this spring and summer!



      We all love and know Ms. Leather, but since the weather gets hotter, we will see it in a different way. Leather shorts and skirts are here to stay. Leather tops and dresses will still be in, just with less fabric and more of a flowy vibe.


      Bright Colors:

      Everyone was surprised that this past winter all you'd see was hot pink and bright blues and purples. Well they are here to stay! As you read in our last blog post about the Spring Pantone Color Palette, bright hues are here and we are LOVING it! Not into the brighter color palette, the classic,soft pasteles and neutral will still be in. 


      Fun Necklines:

      The one-shoulder and off the shoulder necklines were huge this past winter and fall. We will see a continuous pattern off fun necklines this upcoming Spring and Summer. 


      Fun Prints:

      There were so many different floral and animal prints in tops, dresses, shoes, even bottoms. Some of the animal prints might not be as popular, but floral and brushstroke patterns are going to be seen. 



      Who else is ready to see what different styles come into 2022?! Continue to follow us and read our blog post to get tips and tricks about styling clothes, and finding out what is in, and what isn't! We hope you have a wonderful week!



      Addie's Boutique

      Pieces To Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

      Pieces To Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

      We know that as the times and weather changes, our style changes. The little camis, sundresses, and skirts are now at the back of our closet, not even looked at. Some of these things can easily be worn during the colder seasons as well! Just a little bit of layering will make it possible to bring those summer clothes into your winter wardrobe. 

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