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      Addie's Corner — color pantone

      Spring 2022 Pantone Color Palette

      Spring 2022 Pantone Color Palette

      According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Spring/Summer 2022 New York reflect our aspiration for balance as we move through a changing landscape. Colors that evince our need for comfort, clarity, and security satisfy our urge to stay with the familiar. At the same time, free-spirited optimism, and a feeling of new liberation, are unleashed in dynamic, stand-out shades, quenching our desire for spontaneity, uplift, and joy.

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      Fall Pantones

      Fall Pantones

      Pantone Colors for Fall

      Do you ever feel overwhelmed by color choices when it comes to shopping? Many times, we tend to gravitate toward similar colors that we have purchased in the past. Usually, these colors complement our skin tone, they make us comfortable, or we simply love them! To break away from this habit and to expand the color in your wardrobe, New York Fashion Week, in partnership with Pantone, announces their projections of the hottest colors for Autumn in addition to the traditional, core fall colors every year. Summer was “bright” this year, and we think Autumn will be too!

      To make life easy, we pulled the list together below for easy reading.

      This year, the core fall colors are:



      These colors act as a wonderful base to your outfits and classic wardrobe. They often pair well with other outfits and colors, and are traditional Autumn colors from season to season.

      In addition to the core colors, Fashion Week has projected that the following colors will be trending this season:




      These colors will help you build a wardrobe with timeless colors that you will feel confident wearing year after year. These colors are versatile and can be worn with the classic, core colors as well as your denim, white, black, or brown pieces.

      You might notice many colors like these in the shop this season. If one specifically catches your eye, let us know, and we can guide you to a great piece of the color or one that will pair with the color!