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Brandy Wills
Owner of Addie's Boutique in Alexandria, LA. 

I want to talk about learning to love who you are when you look in the mirror inside and out and stop punishing yourself for whichever body part is the least perfect that day. We are our worst critics, and we give much more grace to others than we do ourselves. We should share the same love and kindness to ourselves that we would show our friends and loved ones. Part of that is allowing ourselves to feel beautiful as we are. Dressing the way that makes you smile when you leave for the day or a date night out. Your body is only part of who you are, but it can look beautiful in any size. Find clothes that accent your curves and pick colors that show off your best features. Learning to love yourself and accept that you deserve to look and feel beautiful is a powerful way to change your whole life perspective.

 So let’s put an end to this vicious cycle and start living a healthy and better life with only a few tips and tricks.

1. Acceptance leads to change 

Acceptance is the key to good health as well as life. Everything that needs change requires one to accept their current state first, because without recognizing that there is something wrong with their lifestyle or habits one can never really figure out what they have to change and how should they do it. So, go ahead accept your bad habits and promise yourself to change them. 

 2. Positive affirmations 

Never think that your flaws are central to your self-concept – because you are a lot more than the things that you want to change about yourself. Set goals, achievable goals and achieve them whether they are about working out to tone your muscles or about maintaining a healthy diet. 

 3. Dress according to your size 

You are not a size zero, and you do not need to be. Because you are a size 18 or a 20 and that is the beauty of you! It makes you stand out with your curves and hourglass body, you that can don a skater dress that perfectly embodies your curves like no other dress – or model per se. Just because you are not a size 2, does not mean you should dress frumpy and hide your body. Show those curves, honey! Buy that power dress that shows off your arms and hits above the knees. Shop from exclusive stores that offer plus size dresses- and mind you do not shy away from showing off those arcs and curves because they make you who you are. Remember, if you do not feel beautiful and powerful in it then it should not be in your closet. Here are a few suggestions from the plus-size line of Addie's Boutique. If you have questions about a fit or an item, call, email, or FaceTime. We would love to help in any way.

We love our She + Sky navy sleeveless swing dress. Pair with leggings, cardigan or denim jacket, and boots for the perfect casual outfit. The lace detail adds a little touch of sass to give you an extra boost of attitude.

Our black long sleeve tunic is a must for any woman. It is lightweight and soft. We love this piece because it accents your curves in all of the right places. 

Our rust roll-up sleeve shift dress is a must for those days that you just don't feel like making an effort. The cut, lace-up neck, and pockets add enough detail to make this a favorite. 

4. Spread the message 

 The final word is to spread the message of body positivity. You might think that everybody knows it because it is the ‘in-thing’ right now but sometimes reinforcement is more than necessary. Sometimes, your words might become someone’s beacon of hope. Never underestimate the wonders one small kind act can do.

At Addie's Boutique, we want everyone to love who they are. We want everyone to feel fabulous in what you buy from us. Remember the clothes don't make the woman, the woman makes the clothes.


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