How to Dress a Rectangle Body Shape



Hey Sister! Are your hips and shoulders about the same measurement? Do you have you have a smaller bust and bottom? Do you have an athletic frame? If so, you have a rectangular body shape. If you are reading this post, you have questions on how to style that fabulous figure of yours. The good news is that you look amazing in almost anything, and it’s really easy to play up and exaggerate your favorite features. Whether you’re slender, rectangular, or more toned, here are a few guidelines for dressing your rectangular body type.

1. Draw Attention to Your Top
If you’ve worked hard to achieve your toned arms, feel free to draw attention to them with scoop-necks, v-necks, or embellished sleeves. Bring the eye up to your shoulders with tank tops or off-the-shoulder shirts. Puffed sleeves add volume to your shoulders, which will make your waist look smaller by contrast. If you want to make your bust appear larger, wear gathered tops or shirts with stitching that accentuates your chest. Rounded necklines add perceived fullness to the bust area while flattering your collar bones.

2. Cinch That Waist
Even though your waist isn’t much smaller than your shoulders or hips, you can create the illusion of an hourglass figure by belting your waist or wearing clothes that draw attention to the waist line. Dresses that gather at the waist such as wrap dresses or fit-and-flares, will bring the eye in and give you some structure. The wide skirt with give the illusion of a fuller hip. You can also wear a peplum top with a great pair of jeans to give the same vibe. This will make your waist look smaller by comparison.

3. Accentuate Your Hips
Many rectangular body shapes come with toned, slender hips. Show them off with pants and skirts that fit! High-waisted, wide-leg, slim-straight and flares are the perfect style for you. High-waisted make your legs look model long while wide-leg fills your hips, thighs, and bottom. A slim straight-leg pant looks amazing on you and will accentuate your natural long lines. Add some depth and texture to your straight silhouette with printed trousers.

4. Play with Lines
Want to know a secret? We’re all just a little jealous of rectangular body shapes because you can change the way your body shape looks with some simple tricks. You can look curvy one day and slender the next just by the lines and volume in your clothes. If you want to look curvy, striped shirts or skirts will add some visual volume but won’t make you look bulky. But on other days, you can take advantage of your frame by dressing in vertical lines-this can be in patterns or in a long, straight dress. These will make you look even longer and taller.

5. Play with Color
Your eyes are naturally drawn to patterns and bright colors. Keep this in mind when trying to find a cute top for your favorite bottoms. Don’t be afraid of those bold pieces because they only accentuate what’s already there!

You can apply these rules to everything, or take them into consideration while you’re getting dressed in the morning! The important thing to remember is that you can do whatever makes you look and feel your best! Find clothes that will look beautiful on your body at Addie’s Boutique!


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