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There is definitely one thing that the Royal Family has going for them, and that is the fabulous hats that they wear. I love that Europe has continued the fashion trend of wearing fashion hats to events. Growing up in the South, my Great-grandmother would buy me a new hat and white gloves every Easter. I would wait in anticipation to see my new elegant hat so I could feel like Princess Grace or Audrey Hepburn. From the Kentucky Derby, Easter Sunday, to proper wedding guest apparel, somewhere down the line we stopped this fabulous tradition. Well except for the Kentucky Derby. Since then I have felt this urge, this burning desire to bring the tradition of wearing hats back to the mainstream fashion world, and why not – it is something that defines us. 

As an initiative, I started off this venture, with a wish deep in my heart of accomplishing that which has been lost in the ruins of time. Read ahead, as I discuss some fantastic hats (which most people aren’t even familiar with due to the dying trend) as a guide for your next buy:

1. Fascinator 

Top off the perfect dress and heels with my personal favorite. Fascinators make a big statement and are perfect for that fabulous wedding guest dress. They are best suited for formal events, so use them accordingly. Their distinctive feature is their size and French net which usually comes with it to add this extra bit of style and elegance, not forget that feminine grace as well. You can purchase this beautiful piece from Hat in the Belfry

2. Down Brim Hat 

Down brim hats are classic and boast an understated and elegant vibe. They are the ones that you can use often. These hats are usually used for church or funerals due to their simplistic design. This Giovannio matte spectator dress hat may be purchased from Dillards.

3. Wide Brim Hat 

Wide brim hats are ideal for use in the sun, unlike the fascinator, and down brim hats. They offer wide coverage under the sun. They come in many styles; the one you can see on your left is the one that is often associated with top-notch gamblers – so if you are spending a night at the casino then maybe carry along a cameo that’s set for the event. Here is another favorite from Hats in the Belfry.

4. Floppy Hat

 I love a good floppy hat in the summer. It gives the perfect shade while working in the yard or lounging by the pool. Or maybe the ideal hat that you need by the beach. We love this floppy felt hat from Old Navy.

5. Hatinator 

A hatinator is a cross between a fascinator and a hat. It rests on your head with a headband. It’s a wedding and Kentucky Derby favorite. You often see Catherine Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge (Yes, that is her correct title but that is a blog post for another day) donning this favorite. We are adding this Nerdia Fraiman piece from Samuels Hats to our wish list.

I provided links for all of the hats you have seen on this blog - so check it out and give our mutual goal a much needed moral support! If you are on a budget and still want to partake in this fashion, I highly recommend Burlington formally Burlington Coat Factory. They have a great selection under $20.00. To Hats!

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