6 Fashion Tips We Can Learn from Royals

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Whether you follow the Royals or not you cannot deny they ooze style and elegance. While we cannot all afford their elegant couture gowns or designer separates, we can learn a few things about their fashion choices.


1. Every Lady Need a Nude Heel Pump

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Kate Middleton stands at 5’9”, but she embraces the nude heel leg-lengthening trick every woman should know about. Think about it, when you wear black heels with that little black dress you are chopping the look of your legs. Nude heels blend with your skin tone and make you appear taller.

2. Weight Down Your Skirts to Prevent any Misadventures


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To maintain a great sense of modesty, Royal women get the hemlines of their skirts weighted down. This helps them prevent any mishaps, mostly when it is windy. We aren’t Marilyn Monroe so it is unlikely that we can hit her signature pose when the Southern wind strikes. One of Queen Elizabeth’s designers, Steward Parvin told the Daily Mail that he sews weights into the hemlines of the Queen’s clothes, preventing them from blowing up in the wind. Parvin uses lead weights and curtain weights for this purpose. Therefore, you should also consider putting some weight on your skirts or dresses to avoid any mishaps while at an outdoor event.

3. Wearing Sheer Hosiery
You might have already noticed that Royals do not like walking around barelegged. Instead, Royal women like wearing tights. Well, there is a good reason behind this – hosiery is regarded as feminine and classy. For most Royal women, an outfit is never complete without a good pair of hosiery no matter the weather or occasion. Hosiery can do wonders to your legs, calves, and overall outfit by helping to conceal less perfect skin areas, make young skin stand out, and make mature legs look smooth and beautiful. The right hosiery is the best and easiest way to update your wardrobe.

4. Go for Neutral Nail Polish

Photo Credit: Haper's Bazzar Singapore

You might have already noticed that the nail polish of Royals like Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton is always neutral. They wear either clear polish or subtle pinks when on official business. This is because only natural-looking nails are allowed at Royal events. The Queen finds bold shades like hot pink and red to be vulgar and she herself has worn the same light pink polish since 1989.

5. Tailor an Outfit that Flatters Your Figure
Royals love to look good in the eyes of the public and that is why Royal family women will always wear something that flatters their figure. Meghan Markle, for instance, obviously has an outstanding figure, but she knows what works for her body shape too. This is why you will rarely see her in a tailored shirtdress pinched to the waist. It is always a good idea to work with your best assets. If you have an hourglass shape, highlight your waist. If you have toned legs, you will look stunning in a short skirt. In short, you should find what works best for you and stick with it.

6. Don’t Forget your Clutch

Photo Credit: Today Show

Princess Diana will always be a major fashion icon. At most times, she was spotted carrying a clutch close to her chest. Did you know that the main reason for having this small accessory was far more than just carrying the small things that would fit inside? Princess Diana used “cleavage bags”, as she used to call them, to cover her cleavage area while standing, bending, or getting out of cars. This was her way of using fashion to avoid public photographs or unwanted headlines about wardrobe malfunctions. This is a trick that you should consider using the next time you are looking for an elegant way to emerge from a vehicle, whether it is into a crowd of people or not.
A clutch also helps with hand placement when attending public events. This is a maneuver implemented by Kate Middleton, who is often seen carrying her clutch in front of her during official engagements. Etiquette studies show that she carries it to avoid situations where shaking hands might be awkward. The clutch also helps her spend lesser time greeting people when she needs to move on faster.

There is a lot to learn about how Royal women dress. From the high heels that make them look taller to their go-to accessories, Royals have an incredible sense of style. With the aforementioned tips, you should be in a position to up your fashion game a notch higher and look like the Royals.

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