A Little Southern Miracle

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A Little Southern Miracle 

Brandy Wills

Owner of Addie's Boutique in Alexandria, Louisiana

Dirty dishes fill the sink, clean clothes lay on the table needing attention, and floors scream for a mop. With a home, kids and an online boutique, there is an endless to-do list for today. However, just for one moment, we pause our daily life to enjoy a little southern miracle. This miracle is snow. Snow. We marvel at its greatness. This is something you Yankees do not fully understand since snow is a typical winter occurrence. But for Southerners, snow is something that we do not often see, and when we do, it does not stay long. We learn to cherish the moment to its fullest. We treat it as if it were a scene out of a Hallmark movie. We ignore the mess and enjoy hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and time in the snow. Snow days are the ultimate pajama days and will surely make the front page of the local newspaper.I am not sure what my point is but maybe to say, do not wait until it snows to take time away from your to-do list. That list can wait. Enjoy the twinkle in your children’s eyes as they laugh and play. Watch your silly dog chase after snowballs. Enjoy the small moments in life because we only get one chance. So, I am going to take this moment and share a wonderful childhood memory with my three precious children. The joy of snow ice cream. Put this recipe in a special place for you to enjoy the next time you have a surprise snow day.

Recipe Recommendation

Snow ice cream was a childhood favorite when it snowed, which was once every three years. I am so glad that I was able to share this experience with my three.

Clothes Recommendation

What kind of businesswoman would I be if I didn't pair a snow day with my favorite winter piece from Addie's Closet Boutique? Our mock neck sweater tunic is the perfect complement to a cold day. This piece is one size fits all. We love the soft and luxury feel. 


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