8 Fashion Trends that We Can't Believe Are Making a Come Back

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Brandy Wills

Owner of Addie's Boutique in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Today, we take you on a little journey with us through the latest fashion trends of 2018 that we cannot believe are making a comeback. We say this with as much sarcasm that we can muster, "so it is easier for you to keep your styling game strong!"

Hop in!

1. Platform shoes 

Platform shoes will continue to be your partners even in 2018. Now you can shop for platforms with velvety emboss, or not? If you are not a fan of velvet, you can opt for the tough job black or wooden print platforms. The choices are unfortunately limitless.

2. Scrunchies 

Carrie Bradshaw once screamed at her boyfriend that ‘No woman … would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie! Your bad, Carrie. Scrunchies are back. Velvety soft hair accessories are actually good for your hair, as they keep your hair far away from breakage plus their soft hold doesn’t let you tie your hair tighter than necessary (hence no baldness). If you feel the need to purchase this eyesore, we recommend that you keep your dirty little secrete at home.

3. Mc Hammer pants 

Like it or not, hammer pants are back after staying in dumbs for a very long time – well because no really like wearing ‘diaper-like’ pants. But, unfortunately, yes, they are hitting big on-trend show. So grab some if you are fond of them because let’s be honest they are a guilty pleasure because of the comfort level. But don't say I didn't warn you when someone starts singing "Can't Touch This" as they walk past you.

4. Embellished denim 

This trend makes me cringe. Yes, now you can wear denim with flower patches, appliqué, pearls, zippers, sequence- basically everything that you can think of. Denim is becoming more of a fashion statement fabric and pants made out of it are most definitely now a statement clothing component. Choose wisely in your denim for the season but remember that you put little girls in this same style. 

5. Transparency 

The most hated trend of the 80s and the 2000s is back! Brace yourself as now you have to clean the clutter in your handbag – because of its transparent material – or else you will be putting up quite a show of ‘what-a-garbage-bin’ looks like. Yes, we realize you now need clear handbags for game day and concerts. Just pick something trendier than the picture below. It’s a trend, follow it or not it’s up to you.

6. Cinderella Shoes 

 Let your inner Disney princess greet the world with Cinderella-like glitzy stilettos this season! Glitter, glimmer, sequence – basically everything that makes your shoes shine brightly is all the rage at the moment. I am secretly glad this trend is back but what do you expect from a former pageant girl. Buy your edition of sparkly shoes for an uber fashionable diva that you are!

7. Kimonos 

So every year the designers take some inspiration from cultures all around the globe. This year, it was Japan’s turn, because Kimonos have been introduced on the ramp during the London Fashion Week as a buzzing new style trend. Check out the pictures for styling and detail.

8. Utilitarian Outfits 

Multi-pockets is basically what this means. For long, we women have been questioning those little hideous and useless pockets in our jeans – maybe that is what triggered the inspiration for designers to produce something of this kind. Jackets dress now all come with multiple pockets –they are all functional. I love pockets, but this may be a little overkill.

So grab yourself one, and remember that it doesn't matter what we think. It is all about how you feel!

 Is there a style that makes you cringe which may not be on this list? Tell us about it?


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