10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

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10 Easy Beauty Tips To Get You Through Quarantine

10 Quarantine Beauty Tips

Brandy Wills | Stylist and Owner Addie's Boutique


Brandy Wills

Owner & Personal Stylist | Addie's Boutique

Hey Beautiful ! I do not know about you but I have let myself go during this quarantine. Mind you, I do not dye my hair so my roots are not showing; however, I have not fixed my hair, face, or nails unless it was work-related. This got me thinking. How do we manage our beauty upkeep when we cannot visit the salon? I reached out to my fabulous friend and Stylist, Dan Forrest to be a guest blogger for this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did



So, has quarantine got you ready to do something drastic until the salons open? Well, stop, put down those scissors or box color, and join me for a few tips to help you survive the quarantine!

1. Roots showing? Grab a 'Tween Time color retouch stick at eBay, Walmart, or your drugstores... It's like a giant crayon!. Just dampen the stick and cover up those gray hairs. Lasts until you shampoo it out, and won't damage hair!

2. Eye shadow can also disguise root regrowth. Just use a brush to blend roots...and you only need to do the front hairline and your part!

3. Can't get your brows or facial hair waxed? Apply Toothache gel pain reliever to the area about 10 minutes before plucking to help with the pain. It numbs the area considerably.

4. Out of dry shampoo? No worries! Use corn starch or talcum powder instead. Just sprinkle at the roots, then brush out to refresh hair and absorb oils.

5. Out of shaving creme to shave your legs (or face for guys)? Hair condition works great and helps give you a smooth shave.

6. Finally have time to do a facial mask while staying home? Steam pores open FIRST by applying a comfortably warm/hot washcloth to your face for 3-5 minutes. Masks work so much better!

7. Chapped, dry lips? Use an old toothbrush and Vasoline to gently brush lips after brushing your teeth at night. It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Lips will be kissable in a week or less!

8. Does your hair gets oily fast and think that you should skip the conditioner? Try this...after rinsing your shampoo, just apply conditioner to your ponytail (or ends, if your hair is short), avoiding the scalp area.

9. Love the look of liquid eyeliner, but keep getting smudges? Just apply to one eye, then hit it with a COOL blow-dryer to.dry and set, then repeat on other eye. No more smudges!

10. When applying mascara, DON'T rapidly pump the wand to get more product. That actually forces air into the tube, drying it out. Just insert wand, turn wand a quarter turn, remove and apply!

Hopefully, these tips will help you through quarantine, and keep you looking great for those video calls!

Dan Forest | Stylist | Actor

Dan Forest

Dan Forest is a professional hairstylist/makeup artist in a salon and on film sets. He hosted Your Style with Dan Forest, a style segment on KALB TV from 2011 till 2013, and was awarded Cenla's Choice award for Best Makeup artist in 2018. Dan also created and teaches Best Face Forward, a class for Cancer patients that helps them deal with appearance-related side effects of their treatment at Cabrini hospital. 

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