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      Addie's Corner

      Food for the Soul

      Food for the Soul

      We have stepped away from our blog lately due to time restraints. When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog that everyone could relate too. Yes, I post fashion tips which supports my business. 

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      Jewelry Pieces That Every Girl Needs

      Jewelry Pieces That Every Girl Needs

      Jewelry always finishes an outfit. Whether it’s casual or classy, it always makes an outfit look complete. This is for my gold, silver, and rose gold gals. Today we will be talking about some key jewelry pieces to have in your collection! 


      What Colors To Have:

      Gold is classic and so easy to pair with any outfit, but we all know some of us just love silver jewelry. It’s good to have a little bit of both just so you can have it for any outfit. Rose gold is fun too! Also, finding out what color jewelry looks best on your skin tone will help out a lot. For instance, people with cool skin tones look good in light or white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver. On the other hand, people with warm skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold jewelry. Neutral skin tones can wear


      Pearls Are A Girls Best Friend:

      Pearls are classic and should be a part of everyone’s collection. Pearl studs, bracelets, and necklaces are so elegant when added to any formal outfit. Some people don’t like pearls but for a more levantes or trendy look you can get some that have either gold with it or

      Dainty Hoops:

      These are great for everyday. Wether they are gold or silver, they will make any casual outfit look out together and complete. These can be added to a gym set, a cook out outfit, or if you have a busy outfit, add these for a toned-down



      Rings are so fun and are very in now. Stacking them can be fun or you can do one statement paired with smaller ones. These are pieces that you can add to any casual outfit for a clean

      Statement Earrings: 

      Adding a colorful or busy earring to a simple outfit can be so fun. When wearing any simple formal dress, adding a fun, statement earring will always look


      All in all, finding what jewelry looks best on you and what style you like will help you add more to your collection. Find your own style and have fun with it! Jewelry can take any outfit from basic to fun or elevated! Let us know if this helped! 



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